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Availability failover


Failover is a automatic transfer of a workflow to a preconfigured secondary environment in the event of a server, system, hardware  or network failure. In this guide, we perform a test failover and failover to the recovery site in the Cloud Director Availability environment.

First of all we assume that the main site (cloud1) is not available and log in to the failover site (cloud2). After logging in, select "Availability" from "More" in the menu at the top.

availability failover














The Cloud Director Availability portal opens, showing the statuses of protected vApps.

Select “Incoming Replications” from the menu on the left, then select the protected vApp you want to restore. You can also select several vApp-s at once. If you do not see any vApp to select, select “All” under “Source site” in the upper right corner.

After selecting vApp, you can start test failover, failover, modify previous replications, and remove protection. To get started, let's test failover on a single vApp to make sure failover works at all. To do this, click on the eye-shaped icon.

availability failover














A new window will open called "Test". The first “Recovery Settings” page requires a check mark in “Power on recovered vApps”. In this case, the vApps are launched immediately on the destination site. Under network settings, select “Connect under VMs to network” and select the appropriate network. When the selections are made, click “Next”.

If the network cannot be selected, it must be set up in advance.

availability failover













The Recovery Instance page has two options.

Selecting “Synchronize all VMs to their current state” generates a vApp based on the last change in time and is used to perform a test failover.

By selecting “Manually select existing instance” you can select a point without synchronizing the data. Since we assume that the main site is not available, we will select the last running vApp point in time. We will choose the second option.

Click "Next".

availability failover

On the “Ready To Complete” page, review the settings and click “Finish”.



The test failover takes some time and can be seen under the "Last changed" line or under "Replication Tasks". When the operation is completed, a successful result is indicated by the message "Test Image ready" under the "Recovery state" of the corresponding vApp.

availability failover






During the test failover, the Cloud Director also creates a new virtual machine. If you select the destination site -> “Virtual Machines” under “Data Centers” and click on the “VM Console” button, you can see the virtual machine startup processes.

If the test failover fails, see “Replication Tasks” to see why it failed and proceed based on this information.



If the test failover is successful, we will perform a test cleanup on the vApp. It can be found under "ALL ACTIONS". The reason for performing a test cleanup is to "delete" the newly performed test failover to make a real failover afterwards to the vApp.

WaveCom does not recommend performing a test cleanup or cleanup on many vApps at the same time. In this case, there is a risk that you may exceed your IOPs limits.

Now that the tests are done, let's do a failover to vApp. You can also failover multiple vApps at once. Select the vApp (s) and press the failover “flash” icon or select the same action under “ALL ACTIONS”.

availability failover









A new (Failover) window will open. On the first “Recovery Settings” page, we do not select “Consolidate VM disks”, because then all the recovery points created by Availability will disappear. These restore points become selectable snapshots that can be selected later. By ticking the box, this functionality disappears.

“Power on recovered vApps” remains selected and under network settings we select “Connect all VMs to network” and select the corresponding network.

When you are sure of the options, click "Next".

availability failover














On the “Recovery Instance” page, select the last vApp restore point in time and click “Next”. If you are failovering multiple vApps at once, select "Select latest for every VM".

availability failover

On the “Ready To Complete” page, review the settings and click “Finish”.



When the failover is complete then the “Failed-Over” message will appear in the “Recovery state” column of the selected vApp (s) and the workflow will be restored. While failover, you can also view the virtual machine startup procedures under “Data Centers” -> “Virtual Machines” -> “VM Console”.

availability failover









Once the failover is done, it can also be removed from “ALL ACTIONS” by clicking “Reverse”. If the main site is restored. By doing this, all workflows are replicated back to the main site, where they must be powered on afterwards.

availability failover













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