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Availability protection


VMware Cloud Director Availability is a solution that allows you to replicate virtual machines (VM) and vApp-s to a backup data center (including cloud) or on-premises data center. This solution helps to keep workloads running smoothly in case of problems. For example, if the main workload site is not available, you can restore the VM-s or vApp-s through the backup site and run it again later on the main site after eliminating problems.

To begin configuring protection, log in to the Cloud Director site. Once logged in, you need to click on "More" in the top menu and select "Availability".

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Next, you need to choose in which direction you want to apply protection. Options are "Incoming Replications" and "Outgoing Replications".

You will see “destination site” in the upper right corner. From there, you'll need to choose the right destination site for you. Availability is not just a cloud to cloud service. It is also possible to protect workloads in the on-premises data center. In other words, you can also use an on-premises data center as your destination site if you have installed the Availability service and linked it to the cloud. In this example, “Endla-DC” is our on-site data center and “Adala-DC” is our cloud site where we want to create vApp protection.

To configure protection, click on the “New protection” logo on the left or select “New protection” under “ALL ACTIONS”. If you want to move VMs to another data center, select "New migration".

availability protection

NB! In order to use "New protection", the corresponding function must be activated in advance based on the price list. In this case, "New migration" also becomes paid functionality. Otherwise, migration in WaveCom´s Availability service is free.



A window will open and you will be asked to restore your site login information. Attention must be paid to the fact that the user name must be in @email format. In this example, @email. Use the same password as you used to log in before. It is also important that the account you are logged in with is a "local account". Replication cannot be managed with SAML and LDAP accounts.

If you are logged in to the Cloud Director with a "local account" and you have multisite set up, you can also log in faster using "Use multisite authentication".

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Select the desired vApp and the destination site for you and click “Next”. In this case, it's Adala-DC.

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Select the virtual data center on your destination site and select storage and click “Next”.

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On the “Settings” page, you can choose between preconfigured SLA profiles. These are “CRITICAL-VM” and “DEFAULT”. In the case of a critical, an equal time interval of 12 recording points shall be made within 4 days. By default, respectively, 15 pieces in 5 days.

WaveCom does not recommend to lightly change the SLA profiles yourself. For example, if you make 24 storage points in 4 days, recovery will take significantly longer, especially if the VMs are large. The larger the VMs, the less we recommend that you keep restore points. It is also not wise to create restore points every 5 minutes, as this will overload the system and can cause complications.

However, if you want to configure the settings, turn off SLA profiles, in which case you need to specify:

  • “Target recovery point objectives” – After which time the data is replicated to the recovery site.
  • “Retention policy for point in time instances” – We recommend that you activate it and select the number of storage points you want evenly distributed over several days.
  • “Delay start synchronization” – If activated, you must specify when data synchronization starts. Not activated it will start immediately.


"Exclude disks" can be activated. Then you can save disk space on the destination site by omitting disks that are not needed.

You can also use “Configure Seeds VMs” if you already have the same VM in the recovery data center. It is wise to use if you have previously restored the VM in the recovery data center or you no longer use it and the VM has a very large disk space. Otherwise, we do not recommend activating this option.

Click "Next".

availability protection






On the “Ready To Complete” page, review the replication settings and click “Finish”.




Replication operations end after the configuration reaches 100%. Once replication is complete, it is necessary to create a network for the protected virtual VM/vApp on the troubleshooting site. This allows you to resume workflows at the touch of a button in the future.

Select vApp and select “Network Settings” under “ALL ACTIONS”.

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You can now select the appropriate network for your VM. WaveCom uses cross VDC internal VXLANs and public VLANs, which are available in all our data centers. Click "Apply".

If the network cannot be selected, it must be set up in Cloud Director.

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After setting up the network, the "Migrate", "Failover" and "Test" buttons are activated. The same goes for “ALL ACTIONS”.

"Migrate" button allows a running VM to be moved to another data center. "Failover" allows the VM to be moved to a preconfigured data center in the event of a failure. "Test" allows you to make a trial version of "Failover".

availability protection





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