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Web hosting becomes faster

The new HTTP/2 protocol is now in use in our web-hosting servers and it will soon replace the HTTP protocol that has been in use since 1991. This means that the ordinary user’s website will load much faster in modern web browsers.


Chrome to begin labeling non-HTTPS websites as "Not secure"

Starting in July 2018, the Chrome browser will begin labeling sites that do not use HTTPS as "Not secure". This represents a significant change and many more people will encounter these Chrome warnings as a result.


Two-Factor Authentication

In the world with rising tide of cyber crime the usual username and password combo is not secure enough anymore. If you host your business-critical solutions in our servers, we recommend to use Two-Factor authentication. When entering the self-service, in addition to the password you will also need to provide the code generated by Google Authenticator on your phone.


Integrated SSH Terminal and Graphic Git User Interface

In all our web hosting packages that support SSH connection, it's now possible to use the built-in SSH console. We also added the graphical Git Gitweb user interface.


Backups using JetBackup

Nowadays, when most of our data is digital, reliable, automatic and secure backups are essential. You need a solution to back up your data in case something goes wrong – and there’s always something that goes wrong, right? Whether it is bad coding, a failed update/upgrade, successful hack attempts or corrupted data, it doesn’t take long before a backup is needed to restore your website to its original condition.


PHP version 7.2.

The latest PHP version 7.2 has been added to the web hosting service. We recommend that you use new version if possible. Namely, the PHP 7.2 is about 13% faster than the previous version and twice as fast as PHP 5.6.

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