Cloud services

Choose cloud services if you prefer the best priced virtual servers on the market to physical servers. Our virtual servers are powerful and dynamic.

Cloud Server

The Wavecom cloud server service is cost efficient, easy to use, immediately available, and simple to manage.

Use a cloud server if you

  • need a simple virtual server instantly
  • can and want to manage the server yourself
  • want to run applications, web content or software that are not business critical

Public Cloud

Wavecom public cloud provides you with the best priced service platform on the market that ensures you reliable, secure and cost efficient virtual servers.

A public cloud is suitable if you

  • prefer to pay only for required resources
  • want to host business critical solutions
  • need a solution that is never down

Private Cloud

Wavecom private cloud combines the high security of a private server with the effectiveness of a public cloud ensuring you a cost-efficient virtualisation platform with top capabilities.

Private cloud service suits a company that

  • needs a complete virtualisation solution
  • offers large scale IT services
  • prefers the best priced full solutions on the market

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