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Our service portfolio includes four different cloud server services based on Virtuozzo EZ, KVM and VMware technology, and provides you with the best possible price/quality ratio. Virtuozzo EZ service price starts from 5€ a month. This includes a VPS (virtual private server) solution that is instantly ready to use. From our Client Portal, you can manage the service - restart the server, turn it on / off, use the VNC console, install operating systems, etc.

Virtuozzo EZ is virtualization based on a shared core, where virtual machines use the core of the host server and users can not make changes themselves. The KVM virtual machine, on the other hand, provides complete isolation and provides the opportunity to fully manage the operating system and applications.

For the ultimate availability and performance, choose VMware Cloud. A capable cloud platform is also suitable if you need only one server, not a complex cloud services ecosystem.



Virtuozzo EZ

Virtuozzo EZ

Virtuozzo technology 1 - 16 CPU cores 1- 16 GB RAM SSD FC storage 1 Gbit/s network speed Linux OS
1TB traffic included
1 - 10 IP addresses
SolusCP Management Instant activation


KVM technology 1 - 16 CPU cores 1 - 16 GB RAM SSD FC storage 1 Gbit/s network speed Linux, Windows and Unix OS support
1TB traffic included
1 - 10 IP addresses
SolusCP Management Instant activation


High-end VMWare Cloud cluster 1 - 64 CPU cores 1 - 256 GB RAM NVMe storage 10 Gbit/s network speed 5 TB traffic included Up to 256 IPv4 and /56 IPv6 addresses Data backup (replication) every hour Instant activation

If no suitable product was found or additional questions arose

Administration and software

Our customer portal can easily manage the service incl. restart, switch the server on/off and install operating systems etc.

You are always guaranteed data storage, backup copies and statistics. The OpenVZ and KVM service can also be managed from the SolusVM administrative interface. To manage VMware Cloud there is a powerful VMware Cloud Director with additionally configurable VMware NSX network services such as firewall, ssl and ipsec vpn, etc.

As a Microsoft SPLA Partner, we offer you all the licenses for their server and applications on a monthly basis. Cpanel and Directadmin licenses are also available.



Detailed comparison of packages

  Virtuozzo EZ KVM VMware
    Popular Enterprise
Host server CPUHost server CPU type

HPE BL460 G9 2xE5-2690v3 @2.6Ghz

HPE BL460 G9 2xE5-2690v3 @2.6Ghz HPE BL460 G10 2xXeon Gold 6142 @2.6Ghz
Processor coresPossible amount of CPU cores 1 - 16 1 - 16 1 - 64
RAM Possible amount of RAM 1 - 16 GB 1 - 16 GB 1-128 GB
DataData storage type Fast SSD FC Data array Fast SSD FC Data array Fast 1mln IOPS NVMe Data array
ConnectivityLocal and international connectivity speeds 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s
Free trafficMonthly free traffic 1 TB 1 TB 5TB
IP addressesPossible number of IP addresses 1 - 10 1 - 10 4 - 256
AvailabilityIn the event of a failure of one host server, the virtual server is started on the other host server. Maintenance-free service - there are no interruptions in the operation of the server due to the maintenance of the host server. - - +
Operating system supportSupport for different operating systems on the server. Linux Linux and Unix Windows, Linux, FreeBSD jt. /td>
ISO template catalogWe add the desired ISO installation media upon the customer's request. - - +
Snapshots and timed snapshotsAbility to save server status at the touch of a button. - - +
BackupBackup frequency. Once a week Once a week Every hour
Private networks and firewallsPrivate networks and network specific solutions - - +
Load balancerOption to set load balancer - - +
IPsec ja SSL VPNPossibility to create a VPN tunnel - - +

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