Data centre and network

Your server is in a protected building

Fire hazards are eliminated: The building has been constructed using non-combustible materials and corresponds with fire resistance class EI60

Equipment functionality cannot be disturbed:Walls are shielded to suppress interference by radio waves and EMP.

Protected against water:A waterproof gutted double ceiling and dividing walls are used. Beneath the antistatic raised floor there are water detection sensors and a drainage system. HPE server cabinets are used.

Power outages are no longer a concern

The server centre has a duplicated power supply.In case of a power failure, a diesel generator is activated. The uninterrupted functioning of servers is ensured by powerful Eaton Powerware UPS equipment.

All cabinets have a double power supply. Power panels that receive power from two different sources are attached to single-powered equipment.

Cool and humid air – exactly as required

Temperature always 22 +-2 ºC: Precision air conditioners forcibly cool the server centre from beneath the raised floor.

Air humidity 50+-5%.Climate control equipment ensures correct air humidity. The equipment is duplicated to protect against faults.

Fast and reliable connectivity – guaranteed

The connectivity speed is impressive - 10 Gbit.The two Cisco Nexus 5000 switching systems are connected through different optical cables with our routers at the Internet access points located at Ädala 29 (RIKS) and Sõle 25 (Linxtelecom).

Your hardware is always in working order

Efficient troubleshooting and repair. We will find all your hardware faults and repair them – the service includes 1 hour of complementary technician aid each month.

Spare parts are never a problem. As the long-time partners of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we have a large stock of servers and components. We also support brands such as Dell, IBM, and many others.

Wavecom provides your server a home with the best conditions!

Address: Kotka 26, Tallinn 11312, EstoniaPhone: (+372) 685