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IP call centre

A powerful client communication platform

Serving your clients requires a call centre that

  • offers numerous functions
  • does not run up astronomical costs

Wavecom’s fixed price, smart and flexible IP call centre ensures that you obtain your optimal solution at the best price on the market.

Call center enterprise

From € 100 month

  • Taridium iPBX Enteprise software
  • Unlimited users / Numbers
  • Housed in VMware vCloud
  • High Availability and DRreplication
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • 4 vCPU,  4 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD disk space (~2000h recorded phone calls)

Call center standard

From € 50 month

  • Taridium iPBX Enteprise software
  • 30 users
  • Housed in VMware vCloud
  • High Availability and DRreplication
  • 2 vCPU, 2 - GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD disk space (~1000h recorded phone calls )

What is an IP call centre?

An IP call centre functions with VoIP landlines or computers and smartphones. The entire switchboard service is placed on a cloud platform.

This modern solution offers you numerous opportunities for taking client communications to a new level.

You can save a significant amount of money since many functionalities that usually come at an extra charge are already included in the package price.

Package prices from €50 per month

IP call centre commercial solutions may cost thousands of euros – not so at Wavecom.

Regardless of the package you can

  • simultaneously serve several calls received on one number
  • configure automatic secretary rules that direct calls to the preferred service staff
  • automatically identify the caller or route calls
  • make the rules yourself concerning calls received outside office hours
  • obtain a good overview of service staff work since there will be a statistics module at your service free of charge.

Extra services for smooth work

You can choose between cost-efficient and full-service packages. Extra services can be ordered according to needs:

  • Interfacing the call centre with any interconnectable business software.
  • Leave the system management to Wavecom, with software update and customer support contract.
  • Multi-user licenses allow creating in-depth statistical reports.
  • We train your call centre administrators.

Internal calls are free of charge

Communication costs of companies where numerous internal calls are made can be quite high – in Estonia or abroad.

The IP call centre enables bringing branch office phone communication into a single call centre to make calls free of charge regardless of the country.

If you want to use your existing server for the IP call centre, we offer the opportunity to purchase only the license. We install the required software free of charge.

Your advantages as our client

  • PIf you pay for a whole year, you get 1 month for free.
  • During the first month, all packages provide free consultation and support for starting the system.
  • Your order is activated on the following workday.
  • Manuals on the most common settings and management are provided in Estonian and English.

We offer common call center functionality:

  • Call queue Our call queue service allows to divide calls made to one phone number, between employees of the company, regardless of their location. Call center comes with a web-based interface where call sharing rules, transfers and answering machine recordings can be managed. It is also possible to view statistics and listen to recorded phone calls.
  • Call center call flow is easy to change automatically. Different profiles will be created, for example, business hours, after-hours, holydays, half-holidays etc. Calls can be transferred to correct call center number, IVR service, answering machine or even mobile phones.
  • Adding new extensions/agents takes only a few seconds. Answering order can be changed by moving the agent up or down in a list.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)  Interactive voice response is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.

    It can be used for language selection, call transfer and services dependent on time of day.

    For example: client calls after-hours and hears a recording stating that working hours of the company are from 9am-5pm. It is possible to leave a message to the answering machine.

    When calling during business hours, another message will be played that allows to choose the language of the service by pressing keys on the phone. “For service in English please press 1, for service in Estonian please press 2.” After making the selection, client will be placed in a specific call queue where agents speak the chosen language.

    Callers could also choose between different departments instead of languages.

    It is not necessary to hear the recordings to the end. If the caller is familiar with the system, they can immediately press all the necessary keys and gain fast access to the correct department and in the chosen language.
  • Advanced Conferencing Advanced Conferencing Module allows you to create lists of callers which regularly participate in your conferences.
  • Advanced Call Recording High performance recording solution for large scale applications.
  • Advanced Voicemail (recordings can be sent to e-mail) Check your voicemail using direct voicemail access from your phone, call in remotely from any phone to check your messages, click to play your messages through your email, and listen online from anywhere.
  • Calendar and time Based Call Forwarding and Routing Use your iCalendar (ICS) or Google Calendar events to forward your calls - change your status to busy and your phone forwards automatically.

    Route calls based on time of day and weekday.
  • Automatic Caller ID Name Lookup Caller ID name lookup using web resources such as Google™ search results and area code display.
  • Call Parking Park calls and retrieve calls regardless of geographical location
  • Caller Favorites Make the most of call forwarding by only forwarding the calls you want.
  • Caller ID Blacklisting Quickly add a caller ID to a systemwide or per user blacklist.
  • Central Directory Management Provide a central directory to phones with automatic caller ID name lookup.
  • Click To Call Click on any number in the user panel and you will be connected instantly.
  • Conference Bridges Unlimited conference rooms only limited by hardware. Users can also have their own private conference rooms.
  • Extension Roaming Roam on any phone - seamlessly
  • Personal Contact Manager User Panel contact management system with automatic caller ID name lookup.
  • Pickup Ringing Extension Pickup any ringing extension regardless of geographical location.
  • Spying and Whispering Listen-in on any call and optionally whisper to one party.
  • MP3 music on call waiting Upload MP3 or Wave music-on-hold files.

Options worth highlighting separately:

  • Powerful Reporting & Graphical Queue Reports ipbx allows you to create custom call reports and gather data for further processing in 3rd party applications. 
    Queue Reporting allows managers to monitor queues and agents in real time, or to analyze queue activity for given periods
  • Outlook Integration |Click to call from Outlook and name look-up.
  • Automatic setup of VOIP phones connected to call center
  • Each user/number has access to web based management interface
  • Switch board access to control all phone traffic
  • Only VOIP service in Estonia with HansaWorld business software support, that automatically opens information page of the current caller.

Options that are only included in Enterprise package:

  • 7x24 Monitoring and Alerting All applications are continuously monitored and allow us to react quickly to any potential issues - often before there is a problem. Contact us for a support contract.
  • Access to Custom Development Access to fully integrated custom application development, CRM integration for ipbx enterprise customers.
  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration Support for server side LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory lookups.
  • Additional Line Feature The Additional Line/Softphone feature allows you to easily manage a secondary line, hard- or softphone from within the End-User panel.
  • Advanced Conferencing Advanced Conferencing Module allows you to create lists of callers which regularly participate in your conferences.
  • CRM / CTI Integration Integrate with any CRM application such as SalesForce™ and Microsoft CRM™. From click-to-call, screen pops, custom call routing, call accounting, to post processing.
  • Delayed Paging The delayed paging module allows you to page an extension or group of extensions, by pre-recording a message first and having it played back upon hangup. This is particularly useful in noisy environments such as shop floors and PA systems where audio feedback is an issue.
  • Extension Assistant The extension assistant provides call screening by an assistant with optional caller ID call-through functionality.
  • Missed Call Notifications Have ipbx send out e-mails when a call to your extension has been missed.
  • Multi-Site Interconnect Manager Manage multiple sites from a single master server and simplify communications across all ipbx servers. ipbx's multi-site support let's you add cost saving interconnects (trunks) with minimal effort.
  • ODBC Call Reports All call detail records can easily be accessed via ODBC for realtime or post processing.
  • On-Call Notifications On Call Notification is an automated voicemail/call notification service. On Call will ring a sequence of phone numbers and attempt to deliver a message until it has been acknowledged.
  • Presence Hours for Users Presence hour warning allows users to set 'working hours'. This means that any calls outside set hours are answered with a warning, local time and the option to complete the call by pressing 1.
  • Remote Extensions Remote Extensions are extensions that are not local, meaning not connected directly to the PBX. Intended for use with legacy PBX interconnections via T1/E1 card or SIP trunks.
  • Text To Speech Ipbx is ready for state-of-the art speech synthesis
  • URL Control API The URL control API allows you to control certain user settings via a simple URL. It also allows you to initiate a call (call origination) to your extension and bridge the call to any destination reachable within your default user settings (or custom extensions).
  • Voice Recognition IVR's can be integrated with state-of-the art voice recognition software.

Services offered for an additional fee:

  • Increase storage capacity to store conversations for longer or even indefinitely. 10GB of SSD storage space costs 2€/month.
  • Contract for managed software updates and priority customer service for an annual fee. Standard 125€, Enterprise 250€
  • Comprehensive call queue and agent statistics system for large companies that’s business profile is dependent on phone calls and customer support. 50€/month.
  • Call center administrator training 50€ / 1h


  • Excellent business solutions

    " In case of Wavecom we especially appreciate the precise mapping of our needs and careful tailoring of respective technical solutions."

    Janno Oja

  • PZU insurance

    "Wavecom fulfills SLA conditions incredibly well. They react fast, we never have any problems."

    Sander Eentalu

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IP call centre demo

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