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IP Phone

IP Phone – worldwide low-cost calls

Calling is not cheap if

  • you are frequently outside of Europe and need to make and receive calls
  • local and international calls run out of control in the office

Wavecom quality IP phone service allows you to talk as much as you want, regardless of your location since great rates apply outside Europe too. As a corporate client, you have the best minute rates on the market and your company’s internal calls are totally free.

Use it with any equipment

The VoIP phone service makes roaming and operator charges, which can run up astronomical invoices, history. The service is easy to use and additional equipment is not necessarily required.

With a mobile phone or computer, the service is available over an app. In the office, a compatible landline phone is more convenient.

Free internal calls

The IP phone service allows for remarkable savings on company communication costs. Your company’s internal calls are completely free of charge even between branch offices scattered across the globe.

The multilingual web based self-service allows you to manage the service in real-time. You always have a complete overview of your company’s calls and their costs.

Does your company need more than 5 numbers? Ask about the advantages and opportunities that Wavecom’s IP call centre provides.

Best prices on the market

  • Monthly fee of 1 number €1.00
  • Calls: domestic landline numbers €0.01
  • Calls: domestic GSM calls €0.06
  • Call initiation fee €0.008 €
  • Network and company’s internal calls €0


Many additional services included

  • Welcome message prior to call start
  • Redirection from phones and self-service
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording (incl. listening and downloading the recordings)
  • Company’s internal short numbers and address book
  • Caller ID display (number and name) with change or disable function, as needed
  • VirtualFax or fax as an e-mail PDF attachment, which is also stored in self-service.

Take advantage of worldwide low-cost connections with the Wavecom IP phone service!

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