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IP trunk

An economical and efficient phone solution

Wavecom IP trunk provides VoIP connections for your existing

  • exchange
  • call centre

We provide you many technical solutions for configuring your call centre. Usually there are service charges for channels used and number quantity. At Wavecom you only pay for calling.

Best price on the market guaranteed

Wavecom provides the lowest calling rates, no competition!

  • Company internal calls €0 / min
  • Domestic landline calls €0.01 / min
  • Domestic mobile calls €0.06 / min
  • Call initiation fee €0.008 / min

If needed, you can order phone numbers from us at a charge of €0.50/month, but numbers of all other operators may also be used.


The Wavecom IP tract service always provides affordable communication costs!


Address: Endla 16, Tallinn 10142, EstoniaPhone: (+372) 685 0000@email