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ISO, OVA / OVF installation media and directories



We offer a virtual machine installation templates for the Centos6, Centos7, Ubuntu 16, Windows 2012R2 and Windows2016, plus a collection of different ISO installation media. However, you can create your own directories and upload ISO or OVA / OVF files there.

Many software manufacturers offer pre-configured OVA / OVF containers that you can upload and use without installing the operating system. Also, existing virtual machines can be exported to the same OVA / OVF format on both VMware and Citrix XenServer platforms. There are also many different systems that can be installed using ISO media, which is definitely not in our Public directory.

In VMware vCloud, you can create your own ISO and OVA / OVF directories to use for creating virtual machines or to add them as a CD drive.

Open Libraries from the top left menu




First you need to create a directory. Be sure to select the "Pre commission on specific storage policy" option and set the location to MLSAS storage policy.
Otherwise, a fast and more expensive SSD policy will be used






Open "Media & Other" and press "ADD".


Add ISO or OVA / OVF installation media file.


File will be uploaded to the server.




You can use the attached ISO file to create a new virtual server. It will be added to the "Boot image" option.




You can find detailed instructions on the VMware website.



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