Public cloud


What is public cloud? Public cloud solution can be tailored exactly to the needs of the customer. Public cloud can contain just one virtual server or a complex infrastructure consisting of several servers, load balancer, firewall, VPN and custom networking solutions.

Public cloud can be adopted very quickly and with minimum expenses, using Wavecom’s existing host servers, data storage and virtualization software. There is no need for the customer to purchase and maintain expensive hardware/software and have high technical knowledge about virtualization and networks.

  • Quick setup
  • Scalable – add or remove resources with couple of clicks
  • Cost effective – pay only for the resources needed
  • Reliable – high availability servers, constant monitoring
  • Covered with SLA
  • Self-service with enormous functionality

We are happy to announce cloud service based on Xenserver and CloudStack software. Customers order from self-service the amount of processor cores, RAM, data storage and IP addresses they need. These resources can be used to create different virtual servers and network devices.

It is possible to choose between data storages with different price and performance. The operating system, for example, can be installed on the fast SSD volume. A slower more cost effective SAS volume can be added for file storage.

Service is easily scalable in case of changing requirements. Customers have the basically endless WaveCom cloud resources at their disposal.

Self-service functionality. In addition to creating VMs/ destroying VMs/ resource scaling/ re-installing OS the following functionality is available for the customer:

  • Special networking solutions and private networks for connecting the servers
  • Load Balancer and VPN connections
  • Firewall and SSH keys
  • Snapshots of virtual servers
  • Re-sizing disk volumes, adding new volumes
  • OS installations from custom ISO images, or using existing templates (for example:

Xenserver cloud comes with high availability. In case of a fault in one of the host servers, all virtual servers in that host will be started again in other host servers. Service is also maintenance free. There is no need to shut down virtual servers for host server maintenance. Working virtual servers are temporarily migrated to other hosts during maintenance.

Server hardware and networking. Public cloud is hosted on HP Enterprise Blade servers, located in our HP C7000 Bladecenters - hardware solution characterized by high availability and redundancy.

Blade center chassis are powered by six redundant power supplies that are connected to different UPS units. UPS units are in turn powered from different feeders and have generator protection.

Each host server can use up to 40GIG network connection to different Cisco Nexus 500 series distribution switches.

Storage solutions. Data can be stored in our HPE and EMC data storages that are using SSD/SAS disk arrays. SSD drives ensure low latency and high speeds for the cloud service. SAS and SATA arrays and ISCSI/NFS technologies are also available if needed.

We offer software licenses. Different software licenses with monthly billing cycle are available. As Microsoft SPLA partners, we also offer all of their server and application licenses. In addition, Cpanel/direct admin hosting management licenses are available.

Services can be easily ordered and managed in our self-service. Services paid with bank link, PayPal or credit card will be activated immediately.