€ 7
Comodo PositiveSSL
  • Domain validation
  • Secures single domain/subdomain
  • Best price on the market
  • No papers, no company needed
  • Issued within 3 minutes


€ 35
Comodo InstantSSL
  • Business validation
  • For businesses only
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Issued within 1-3 days


€ 150
Comodo EV SSL
  • Extended validation
  • Green Address Bar
  • Extra validation (EV) is the highest security certificate because it links company information with the domain name.
  • Issued within 2-7 days


€ 85
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
  • Wildcard
  • Wildcard certificate can be used with all your subdomains. For example,, etc.
  • Possible to use with different IP addresses
  • Issued within 3 minutes


Domain Validation SSL certificate is available for businesses and individuals. They are very simple to get, just requiring an email validation and no other paperwork. You will be sent an email that you have to reply to and this will allow the certificate to be generated. This is a very quick process.

Business Validation SSL T certificate needs some paperwork. It is necessary to go through the email validation process and then send business documentation as well. This is a manual check and therefore can take up to three days to complete the necessary checks. It can be worth it though as the security provided is higher and therefore if you have a business ecommerce site can provide the trust needed to encourage business.

Extended Validation SSL certificate provides the highest amount of cover and therefore makes customers feel safest. It will mean that you will get a green address bar which will allow customers to see that the site has been secured at a quick glance. It is necessary to provide documents to get this certificate issued and therefore it is not such a quick process.

„Wildcard" SSL certificate will provide cover for subdomains on a domain name with one IP address. This means that any subdomains will also have the same amount of cover as the main domain as this will be covered as well. This can save a lot of money as you will not have to pay for each sub domain separately but it will also save time as only one application process has to be gone through. It is very much better than having a separate certificate for each subdomain.


SSL certificate requires a dedicated IP address. It can be ordered for our Business and Premium hosting packages, dedicated servers and cloud servers. The most affordable certificates in all four categories can be seen on this page. For a full list of certificates please click here.