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Ranko Murumets

Sales and Client Service Manager

Like his colleagues, the passion for technology runs through Ranko’s blood. He found the path to computers on his own – playing around with them, demolishing and repairing them.

In addition to computers, Ranko quickly finds common language with people too. That is why we have trusted Ranko with sales and client service management.

Ranko also manages and develops web hosting services.

In his spare time, Ranko sails with the team or takes an interest in his other hobby – history.

Ranko joined the Wavecom team in 2014.


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Kristian Liivak

Technology and Development Manager, Chairman of the Board

Kristian was interested in technology already as a child. In the mid-90s it was only logical that he started work in one of the first Estonian telecommunication companies.

Establishing Wavecom a few years later was even more logical. He is still closely connected with the company’s daily operations.

In addition to managing the company, Kristian’s main function is strategy development as well as the development of complex technical solutions and services. All of the company’s technical solutions have been developed under his supervision. He is a mentor for all employees.

His passwords for escaping daily work are sailing and hobby aviation. His colleagues also use these passwords all the time, since they usually come along on the sea. Kristian is also the company yacht captain.

Kristian has been the manager of Wavecom since 2001.


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Kaupo Ehtnurm

Network and Server Engineer

Kaupo is the team member that jokes around the most. He understands humour just as well as the inner lives of networks and servers.

In addition to client consultations, Kaupo’s responsibilities are also managing and monitoring communication networks and server software.

Beyond the server cabinet, Kaupo scores victoriously on the basketball court too, which only makes sense, since a net is involved too!

Kaupo joined Wavecom’s team in 2015.


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Deniss Stepanov

Data Centre and Client Support Engineer

IT and computers won Deniss’s heart already in elementary school. His childhood dream for the future – to be surrounded by smart machines and colleagues – has become his present.

Deniss delves deeply into everything he does. Would he ever do something else? Probably not. He strives to be better than the best in IT.

On a daily basis in addition to client consultations, Deniss takes care of the datacentre and server hardware management, as well as being the domain and network hostmaster.

Deniss’s other interests are cars and mechanics.

Kaupo joined Wavecom’s team in 2016.

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