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10Gbit network devices

We are now using network devices with 10Gbit speeds (10GbE). It is a big step forward, from the 1Gbit devices we were using before. Our Cisco routers in three different locations give us a total network connection speed of 24Gbit and ensure uninterrupted work of our network.


Calls to mobiles 40% cheaper

We are happy to announce that calls to mobile phones are now 40% cheaper in WaveCom VoIP network.


New servers and modern software platform

We are now using new servers and a modern software platform for our webhosting services.


Acquiring TorqHost cloud services

WaveCom is happy to announce that we have acquired TorqHost cloud and private server services. TorqHost has been active on the market since 2007 and has a noteworthy customer portfolio. Like WaveCom they offer most of their services abroad.

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