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The WaveCom Cloud Service 3.0 provides new meaning to hybrid cloud and backup

WaveCom uses the secure and diverse VMware vCloud platform for storing and backing up both its own data and the clients’ data.


What will the future bring us?

2019 will be the year of business development. In particular, we will be focusing on servicing demanding IT and technology companies.


Significant change in the management - Andres Kukk joined the owners circle

In the beginning of 2019, the ownership of AS WaveCom was changed - Andres Kukk became the new owner together with Kristian Liivak as Marika Pensa left.


WaveCom's last year summary

The year 2018 was extremely busy for the WaveCom team and brought many challenges. Our goal is to have the most innovative solutions, uncompromising quality and high efficiency at every stage of the work.


Wavecom has opened a server store

Lately, more and more customers approach us with requests to buy a server. With time, the company's needs can grow so high that server rent does not pay off in the long run. Then it’s time to to buy a server.


WaveCom, together with Excellent is hosting most of Estonian companies accounting

Story about how Excellent, with the help of WaveCom moved the majority of Estonian accounting to the cloud.

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