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Webhosting now protected by software solution based on AI

Hackers often target Webhosting servers. A new software solution based on artificial intelligence is now helping our admins to fight the threat.


In our webhosting homepages update themselves

If you haven’t upgraded your website at least once during the last quarter, you are in danger of falling victim to hackers. WaveCom’s new solution can help.


Your emails will arrive more reliably

As of September 20th, WaveCom will activate SPF and DKIM authentication, which will help your emails reach their recipients more reliably.


WaveCom gets a new high credit rating for its 16th birthday

We recently celebrated WaveCom’s 16th birthday and also the fact that Creditinfo Eesti AS gave us an AA (very good) credit rating.


Web hosting becomes faster

The new HTTP/2 protocol is now in use in our web-hosting servers and it will soon replace the HTTP protocol that has been in use since 1991. This means that the ordinary user’s website will load much faster in modern web browsers.


10Gbit network devices

We are now using only network devices with 10Gbit speeds (10GbE). It is a big step forward, from the 1Gbit devices we were using before.

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