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Changes in the world of SSL certificates


In 2018, the maximum time for issuing certificates in the world changed from three years to two years. For the certificate buyer, shorter maximum issuance times mean a higher price per year. In 2020, Apple and Google announced that their browsers only trust SSL certificates that are valid for up to one year. Following this announcement, certificate manufacturers began to issue only one-year certificates, which caused additional inconvenience to customers. Fortunately, in addition to the above, certificate manufacturers began to find ways to make customer services safer, more convenient, and less expensive.

The most important innovation for customers that came on the market in 2020 is a convenient subscription-based certificate ordering. Subscription-based ordering means that you can subscribe to a one-year certificate for several years, which is automatically renewed after one year. This has made it possible to reduce the time limit for a single order for up to six years for a number of certificates, which means lower product pricing per year.

The market for certificate manufacturers is very diverse and this year WaveCom has selected new certificates with the best value for money brands (DigiCert, RadpidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Sectigo). The new enhanced brand selection has also been accompanied by a simpler selection process and automated service.

The advantages of the SSL certificates offered by WaveCom make it even easier for you to choose the product that suits your needs:
•    automations between the certification center and the self-service center, which allow faster certification
•    21-day payment deadline and e-invoice for public sector and business customers
•    long-written features of certificates in our self-service environment
•    immediate issuance of a domain validation certificate
•    we help with business and extended validation type certificates

WaveCom's SSL certificates are ordered by major technology companies and government information technology and development centers. High quality, wide selection and good service price have been the highest priority for our customers.


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