In our webhosting homepages update themselves


If you haven’t upgraded your website at least once during the last quarter, you are in danger of falling victim to hackers. WaveCom’s new solution can help.

We have implemented an innovative system that recognises the website’s content management system and modules, and allow them to automatically upgrade to the newest version. This resolves one of the greatest problems in today’s world of web hosting – the constant hacking of content management systems that are not upgraded (e.g. WordPress and Joomla).

To prevent hacking, it is recommended that a website be upgraded quarterly. Unfortunately, most website owners do not do that. Constant attacks on the systems of websites that have not been upgraded affect the proper functioning of the service.

Wishing to improve the quality of our service and comply with the wishes of many of clients, we have developed a solution that adds security patches and new versions of content management systems to websites immediately after they are made available. In addition to WordPress, Joomla, Magento and OpenCard, hundreds of different PHP software are supported.

If the website developer has adhered to the best practices of website development, the upgrading process should be successful. After the upgrade, a corresponding email will also be sent. Since no automatic system is perfect, the functionality of the website should always be tested after the upgrade. If something has gone wrong, the previous version can be restored with only a few clicks.

As of September 20th, we will implement automatic upgrading for all websites based on the most popular content management systems. If the client does not wish to use this function, it should be disabled from the self-service.

It is not possible to upgrade so-called “tailor-made” solutions, or very old versions, such as Joomla 1.5-1.7

As of November 20th, we will change the default PHP version to PHP 7.1 Compared to older PHP version, the website will work up to twice as fast. If problems occur with the newer PHP version, the older PHP version can easily be activated in the administrative settings.

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