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Safer Web hosting. Switching PHP version and loss of insecure email protocols.


Switching PHP version

PHP is a programming language that is being used in websites, which generates needed HTML content that the user needs. PHP updates itself continuously. Most of contents management systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are written in PHP and they always require the newest PHP version. Some of the older versions are also supported but with the new generation versions everything works more optimized – faster and more secure.
PHP platform is located in web hosting servers and there is no need to configure it. It is possible to choose in the self service which PHP version your webpage uses. As of this year  PHP 7.2 and 7.3 are backed with security updates by the developers.
Using older PHP versions brings risks. Because of security weaknesses it provides backdoors to the website attackers. Newer versions offer many times faster website working efficiency. Soon WaveCom won´t able to offer reliable services with older PHP versions even if the clients are ready to take security risks. Because libraries that older PHP versions use are becoming unstable.
01.04.2020 at 00.00 As WaveCom changes all it´s clients PHP versions to newer securer 7.3 version. It can bring disturbances in the work flow to some older websites. In this case it is possible to change PHP version back to older one in the self service. Altough it won´t resolve that the website requires immediate maintenance and update. Cyber space regulations require information system owners to mitigate known information security risks.
WaveCom will continue to provide support for older and insecure PHP version 5.6 until September 1, 2020. Support for versions 7.0 and 7.1 will be completely removed.

Loss of insecure email protocols.

Listening to an unsafe connection can easily result finding out the password for your email account. When using an insecure connection on a public Wi-Fi network, it is only a matter of time before your password is compromised. Then it is possible to send spam and misleading emails under your name.
As of 01.04.2020 00.00, As WaveCom will stop supporting obsolete unsecure pop3 and imap email protocols working with ports 110 and 143. From then on, service can only be used via secure TLS / SSL protocols that work on ports  993 IMAP and 995 POP.
Also, the outgoing server uses only the secure TLS / SSL protocol and port 465 and authenticates using the incoming e-mail user IDs.

For some time all modern e-mail programs and apps have been using only secure connections.

Instructions on how to change php versions and use email safely can be found https://wavecom.ee/en/abi


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