Two-Factor Authentication

In the world with rising tide of cyber crime the usual username and password combo is not secure enough anymore. If you host your business-critical solutions in our servers, we recommend to use Two-Factor authentication. When entering the self-service, in addition to the password you will also need to provide the code generated by Google Authenticator on your phone.

What is Google Authenticator? It's Google's two-step authentication system, which works like a mobile-ID. When setting up an account, the QR code on the computer screen must be scanned by the smartphone camera. In the future, the app will generate a new code every 30 seconds to be used when logging in.

Two-step authentication ensures better security for your account, which Google uses to protect their own system.




First install the Google Authenticator app on your phone. The app is available for both Android and Apple phones.




In the self service click on "Account" -> "Edit details".

Insert "Two-Factor Authentication" -> "Enable"




The QR code will be displayed.

Scan QR code to your phone.




Click "Save Changes" button. Two-Factor authentication is now set up.

When entering the self-service account, in addition to standard password, you wil be requested to provide the Google Authenticator code.


Google Authenticator generates a new code every 30 seconds. You can only enter the system with the most recent code.


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