Web hosting becomes faster

The new HTTP/2 protocol is now in use in our web-hosting servers and it will soon replace the HTTP protocol that has been in use since 1991. This means that the ordinary user’s website will load much faster in modern web browsers.

HTTP/2 is already enabled in our servers and the user does not have to execute any additional operations for its implementation. The only requirement is the use of an SSL security certificate. However, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is already installed for all our web hosting services. You only need to make sure that the website users are automatically directed to the secure HTTPS connection.

Why is HTTP/2 better?

  • A separate connection between the server and web browser does not need to be opened to download every picture and script, but they are downloaded at the same time using as few connections as possible
  • HTTP headers are compressed, thereby reducing the data volume that needs to be forwarded.
  • The downloading speed of websites secured with SSL certificates improves since the number of necessary TLS handshakes is reduced.
  • The prioritisation of HTTP requests allows the most important resources to be downloaded first and displayed to the user.

HTTP2, along with the PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) solution used in our new high-speed servers, should ensure the fastest web hosting in Estonia.


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