Webhosting now protected by software solution based on AI


Hackers often target Webhosting servers. A new software solution based on artificial intelligence is now helping our admins to fight the threat.

AI analyses network traffic, finds security threats and dynamically renews filters to avoid new potential attacks. The system uses machine learning technology and signature based algorithms to discover unusual behaviour patterns in real time.

In addition attack vector information is constantly updated from many server located all over the world. This information is constantly analysed and filters updated accordingly.

New security system:

  • protects servers from brute force and DDoS attacks;
  • denies access to attackers based on global information before they can attack the server;
  • in case of an attack can stop most of the attackers;
  • protects websites from malware and de-facing;
  • protects from false positives with the help of CAPTCHA;


captcha.jpg captcha2.PNG

New system can separate website visitors from attacking scripts. It reduces the amount of false positive blockings where users have been able to block their access due to suspicious activity.

If a threat is detected, a green gear wheel is displayed on the screen while the CAPCHA system identifies if a real person or a script is browsing the website. If a person is detected the website is displayed. If the system is unable to properly identify the visitor, a box is displayed that the user has to toggle to prove that they are not a script.

No system is perfect and therefore the CAPTCHA might be displayed when websites use obsolete content management systems that use unsafe functions.


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