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What will the future bring us?


2019 will be the year of business development. In particular, we will be focusing on servicing demanding IT and technology companies. There will be some changes in staff and recruitment of new staff. Training and the acquisition of new skills will play an important role.

Developing our services is a priority to us. In the second half of the first quarter, all of our most important services will become smarter and even more manageable. Everything can be controlled on your smartphone. Already in January, we will add to our self-service server hosting and private server platform monitoring and automated reporting.

Our web hosting will reach a new level of automation in content management platforms. New security software will help to close some holes, that can’t be misused by malicious users.

We will start sending regular useful tutorials and descriptions of new developments about our various services. The first such newsletter of web hosting and VMWare vCloud will be published early in February.

We will start providing server and cloud infrastructure management. So far, our management services were only available to a few key customers. From January, anyone can use this service. Over the years, our experience has grown. Because of automation, there are only a few things that we need to do manually. This allows us to offer high quality and meaningful service at a very competitive price. We provide administration to a single virtual or physical server as well as to complex VMware / XenServer infrastructure. In addition, we offer maintenance of the hosted hardware. Our specialist and spare parts are a minute away from the server - which is unprecedented speed on the Estonian market.

Our service is distinguished from many others by proactive design. Services include deployment of three critical components, Securing, Tweaking and Hardening.

Our monitoring automation solves the most common problems. When monitoring detects anomalies, a workflow is implemented that runs predefined actions to resolve the issue. All of this allows us to focus on development rather than wasting valuable human resources on everyday operations. New activities and opportunities are added weekly to the service. Our customers also have access to the administrative environment and notifications. In addition, our monitoring is capable of communicating major problems to customers over the phone using a voice synthesizer.

The vision of our company is to be a world-class, innovative provider with highest possible customer satisfaction. We will continue to strive for this goal.

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