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vCloud Kubernetes clusters

The vCloud Kubernetes Container Clusters manages the clusters with native Kubernetes runtime. These clusters are with reduced High Availability function with a single master node, they offer fewer persistent volume choices and no networking automation.

By the end of 2021 Q1 we will implement VMware Tanzu Clusters where you can use the vSphere with Tanzu runtime option to create vSphere with VMware Tanzu managed Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.


Procedure for native cluster creation

1. From the top navigation bar select More > Kubernetes Container Clusters. Click New.

kubernetes cluster






2. Select the Native Kubernetes runtime option. Click Next.

3. Enter a name and select a Kubernetes Template from the list. (minor gui bug don’t show templates some times, just close wizard and start over till templates are displayd).
Enter a description (Optional) for the new Kubernetes cluster and an SSH public key. Click Next.

kubernetes cluster
















4. Select the organization VDC to which you want to deploy a native cluster and click Next.

5. Select the number of control plane and worker nodes and, optionally, sizing policies for the nodes. Click Next.

kubernetes cluster
















6. If you want to deploy an additional VM with NFS software, turn on the Enable NFS toggle. (Optional) Select storage policies for the control plane and worker nodes. Click Next.

kubernetes cluster
















7. Select a network for the Kubernetes cluster and click Next.

8. Review the cluster settings and click Finish. You can then close the box , if you don’t do it there will be soon time out error which you can ignore.

kubernetes cluster
















What to do next

• Resize the Kubernetes cluster if you want to change the number of worker nodes.

• Download the kube config file. The kubectl command-line tool uses kube config files to obtain information about clusters, users, namespaces, and authentication mechanisms.

• Delete a Kubernetes cluster.

kubernetes cluster













You can deploy and manage clusters also with command line tool.

More Info 


NFS Node Management

vCloud can automatically add NFS nodes to the Kubernetes configuration when creating a new cluster. Cluster administrators can use the NFS node(s) to implement static persistent volumes, which in turn enable deployment of stateful applications.

Nfs node configuration info


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