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Veeam backup creation


Veeam self-service portal

Once the Veeam service is activated, to manage your organization's backups, log in to the vCloud tenant portal and click on "More" in the top menu bar and select "Managed Backups", then you will be redirected to the Veeam self-service portal.

managed backups








The "Dashboard" then opens, giving you an overview of what's backing up your organization. You can choose 24h or weekly overview.

The "Protected" box shows how many vApps or VMs are backed up and how large they are.

The "Jobs" box shows the number, duration, and average speed of backup jobs.

The "Backup Storage" box displays the disk space and space used for the backup assigned to tenant.

You must create a backup job to add VMs to the backup. To do this, click on the “Jobs” option in the Veeam portal menu.

veeam dashboard








In the "Jobs" menu, click "Create" to create a new backup job.

veeam jobs menu











A wizard opens where you can give the job a name and a description. In addition, you can specify different retention policies for the backup.

By selecting the "keep certain backups longer for archival purposes" checkbox, you can specify different combinations for longer archiving. To do this, click on the "Configure" option.

veeam create backup job















The GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) backup storage menu opens. This allows you to set in a granular way how long a backup for a particular week, month or year should be kept. Press "OK" to confirm the selections or "Cancel" to cancel.

GFS retention policy





















In the next step, you need to add virtual servers to this backup by clicking the "Add" button.

veeam create backup job















This will open a hierarchical view of your organization's Cloud director vApps. vApps and VMs can be backed up at the organization-wide, orgVDC, or selectively at the vApp and VM level. vApps can be selected by holding down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and selecting the appropriate vApps with the mouse. If there are many objects, you can use the search box at the top of the window by entering, for example, the name of the vApp or VM.

veeam add objects



















In the next step, “Guest Processing”, it is possible to configure various settings that allow Veeam to run predefined operations and processes at the virtual server operating system level.

This functionality can be studied in more detail in the Veeam documentation.

veeam guest processing





















In the "Job Scheduling" step, you can set the backup time window and related settings. Select the "run the job automatically" checkbox if you want to enable regular backups at specific times. Accordingly, you can choose to back up daily, monthly or at regular intervals. In addition, it is possible to link the start of a job to the end of another existing backup job.

veeam job schedule





















In the last step, it is possible to turn on the sending of notifications to the e-mail according to the status of the job by selecting the checkbox “Enable e-mail notifications”. Click the "Finish" button to finish.

veeam email notifications





















You can perform various operations on them in the jobs list. By selecting the respective job and pressing, for example, the “Job” button, changes can be made. For example “Active Full backup” can be made manually, the job can be deactivated or deleted.

veeam jobs


The history of past jobs can be viewed by clicking on the name of the job in the "Name" field, in this example "Job1". Details of the last started job can be viewed by clicking the "Success" button in the "Status" box.



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