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Veeam Restoring Virtual Machine Disks


Virtual Machine (VM) Disk Recovery

To restore VM disks, select the VM whose disks you want to restore from the “VMs” menu, and then select “Virtual Disks” from the menu line. Select the desired restore point and click “Next”

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On the next page, under “Disk Mapping”, you can choose to which VM the disks will be restored to. Select “Choose” to select a different VM. By default, this is the same VM on which the backed up disk is restored. It is also possible to restore only blocks that have changed on disks with the “Quick Rollback” option.

In addition, it is possible to specify which "storage policy" option is used for the disk.

You can also specify which disk controller / channel the disk will be connected to during recovery. This is useful if you want to restore a disk in addition to the VM, otherwise the existing disk will be overwritten with the recovered version.

In both cases, you need to select the disk whose settings you want to change above, and then the “Change disk mapping” option will be activated.

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Clicking on “Change disk mapping” will open a new window “Virtual Disk Properties”.

To change the “Storage policy”, select “Choose ..” and select the desired option.

virtual disk properties

NB! If "Existing virtual disk will be replaced" is listed under "Virtual Disk restore result". And if you do not want to overwrite an existing disk, you must select a disk channel under “Virtual Device Node” that is not used by another disk on the destination VM. If the correct selection is made, a green check mark will appear with the text "Virtual disk will be added to VM."

If all options are in order, press "OK".

You can specify the type of disk to be recovered before proceeding to the next page. If the source VM uses the “Thin” disk type for disks, the “Same as source” option may remain the default. Otherwise, it is recommended that you select a “Thin” disk type that does not take up all of the provisioned space, but generally uses as much space as data is currently written to the disk.

Click "Next" to proceed.

A warning is given that the VM will be turned off to restore the disk (s). Click “OK” to give your consent to turn off the virtual server and move on.




virtual disk properties



On the next “Secure Restore” page, you can check the recoverable disk for malware if you have antivirus protection. This option has not yet been implemented, but is definitely planned.

secure restore






















After clicking the “Next” button, the next page will show a summary of the selected settings before restoring the VM disk and the option to restart the VM after the recovery by checking the “Power on target VM after disk restore” checkbox. Pressing the “Finish” button will start the recovery.

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