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Veeam virtual machine and vApp restore


Virtual machine (VM) and vApp Restore

In the Veeam self-service portal menu under "VMs" you can restore a VM, vAPP and VM disks separately. Additionally, you can delete backups of vApps and VMs.

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To restore a VM or vApp, press the “Restore VM” or “Restore vApp” button, after which 2 options will open:

1. The “Overwrite” option restores and overwrites the existing VM / vAPP by first turning it off.

2. “Keep” restores a new restored VM / vAPP next to an existing one without affecting the existing one.

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After selecting "Restore...", you need to select the restore point you want to use. It is possible to restore only the changed blocks by selecting the "Quick rollback" checkbox in front. In this case, the recovery process should be shorter. The difference between the disks in the existing VM and the blocks in the backed-up disks is compared, and only the changed blocks are restored accordingly. This setting is only available under “Restore VM” -> “Overwrite”. Pressing the Finish button starts the recovery.

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You can track the progress of the restoring from the "VMs" page, where you must select "History".

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Restored VMs and vApps are automatically named _restored with the date and time.

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