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VMware Tools


VMware tools is important software component for every virtual machine running in the vmware environment.
In addition to providing the necessary drivers, the installed software provides backups and smooth operation of vmotion.
For example, you can't use a mouse in Windows and the graphics won't work properly without the VMware Tools package.
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VMware Tools is already pre-installed in our templates.

If you decide to install the virtual machine yourself using ISO media:

In newer Linux distributions such as Centos, Redhat, Ubuntu and Debian, VMware Tools software can easily be installed with the help of a package manager.

Centos/Redhat: yum install -y  open-vm-tools

Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install  open-vm-tools

For other operating systems such as Windows or Unix select "Install VMware Tools" from the virtual machine menu.Vmware tools













In the hypervisor VMware Tools ISO will be mounted into the virtual machine cd device.

For Windows, just run vmtools.exe or setup.exe

For Linux / Unix systems VMware Tools can be installed following the   vmware guide.


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