Wavecom public cloud

WaveCom invites you to try the cloud server service free of charge for one month!

Wavecom public cloud offers you unlimited resources and opportunities.

If you need a flexible solution and you do not want to purchase or manage a physical server, store your data in a public cloud that provides unlimited resources.
In the Wavecom public cloud, you can create the solution that fits your business best, which

  • can consist of only a few virtual servers
  • or a complex large enterprise IT infrastructure, distributed across different data centers

Read more about VMware vCloud public cloud here.

Why prefer WaveCom's public vCloud cloud?

Unlike many other service providers, our cloud services are based on VMware Enterprise software used by most Fortune 500 companies. WaveCom is a VMware long-term partner and vCloud Authorized Service Provider. Our cloud solution provides all of the VMware Software Data Center's endless possibilities, including VMware NSX, vCloud Availability and vCloud Director Management Interface.

WaveCom services are hosted in our new, innovative and secure data center. Read more here.

Our technical team will migrate existing physical or virtual servers to a new environment at no cost, for free. As a Microsoft SPLA Partner, we provide you with all of their server and application licenses.


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