Web hosting

Your company website and e-mail require a secure server to function. The server stores and backs up your data. Sounds complicated? In reality, it is simple if you have a reliable IT partner, who handles the technical solution. Wavecom’s speedy, high quality and cost-efficient web hosting offers packages suitable for low demand users and knowledgeable professionals alike.

Entry Web

Entry Web

2 vCPU, 2Gb vRam 50 GB SSD 1000K IOPS server space 1 domain and 5 sub/alias domains
SSH Shell access
Ruby, Python, Node.js


3 vCPU, 3Gb vRam 75 GB SSD 1000K IOPS server space 5 domains and 10 sub/alias domains Personal IP address on request
SSH Shell access
Ruby, Python, Node.js


4 vCPU, 4Gb vRam 100 GB SSD 1000K IOPS server space 10 domains and 20 sub/alias domains Personal IP address In addition, Tomcat web server
SSH Shell access
Ruby, Python, Node.js

If no suitable product was found

For the ordinary user

The user friendly self-service cPanel does not require special skills.

All web hosting packages contain the SitePad website building interface, which is specifically designed for general users. You can build an entire website without writing a single line of code using drag & drop tools and adjusting existing templates according to your taste.

Softaculous software manager installs and renews hundreds of PHP scripts with a couple of clicks. More common CMS'es like Wordpress and Joomla upgrade themselves automatically.



For an IT professional

You will have the tools you need to create a top-notch website.

  • Each domain or sub-domain can have a different PHP version if needed.
  • HTTP/2 protocol together with PHP-FPM handler ensures ultra-fast websites.
  • We use HPE generation 10 blade servers with powerful Intel Xeon Gold 6142 processors and NVMe storage that ensure fast website loading times ca 0.2 sec.
  • All servers have fast 20 GB network connections.
  • Two high-performance VMWare active/active clusters located in geographically different data centres guarantee a highly reliable service. Even in case of a fault in one of the data centers the servers will continue to operate because data has been stored in two locations.




  • All our web hosting packages include HTTPS support free of charge through the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, which guarantees the security of your website.
  • Imunify360 security software based on artificial intelligence, monitors and analyses server traffic, finds security risks and stops any attacks. The system has a central malware/hacker database and dynamically updates filters to avoid future attacks.
  • Antivirus software scans all e-mails and files uploaded to the server.
  • The virtualised file system Cloudlinux Cage FS keeps user accounts separated and ensures the overall stability and security of your system. Dangerous scripts or viruses will not have access to your hosting account.

Fast website

Wavecom provides your website Internet access at the speed of 20 Gbit/s. Google prefers sites that load faster, so your Wavecom hosted site is better visible in search engines.

Expressed in IT numeric language:

  • Properly optimized dynamic website is loaded in 0.2 seconds. That probably makes us the fastest hosting service in Estonia.
  • Your server has 20 GbE network connection to our backbone network, which ensures speedy connectivity to Estonian as well as international networks.
  • Thanks to Cisco routers, situated in two locations, our total external connectivity speed is 60 Gbit – that ensures uninterrupted work for your website.


Your servers and services are monitored around the clock: when an error or anomaly is noticed, a technician will immediately start solving the problem. Backing up info ensures you a reliable service: within 15 minutes of a malfunction, the backup service takes over. Your website is always supported by a plan B.

To host your website, benefit from Wavecom’s more than 21 years of experience in hosting!

Detailed comparison of packages

  Entry Business Premium
Monthly payment Service price with monthly payment period. 7€ 13€ 25€
Annual orderBy subscribing to the service for one year, you only pay for ten months! 70€ 130€ 250€
NVMe storage Disk space in NVMe data storage. 50 GB 75GB 100 GB
vCPU cores Use of processor cores. The 1 vCPU core runs at 2.67GHz 2 3 4
RAM Use the server's physical RAM memory. 2GB 3GB 4GB
Inode limit Number of allowed files in the hosting account. 200 000 300 000 400 000
Alias domains Domain aliases allow you to redirect additional domains to your main hosting account. 5 10 20
Addon domains Addon domains are completely different websites all hosted inside the same hosting account. Each addon domain has its own files and it seems to be a separate homepage for visitors. 0 4 9
Subdomains Addon domains are completely different websites all hosted inside the same hosting account. Each addon domain has its own files and it seems to be a separate homepage for visitors. 5 10 20
Email accountsNumber of email accounts allowed. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accountsNumber of FTP accounts allowed. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DatabasesNumber of databases allowed. 5 10 20
SSH Shell accessSSH Shell use option. + + +
Free SSL certificateFree Let's Encrypt SSL certificate option. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support for commercial SSL certificatesPossibility to use paid SSL certificates / HTTPS readiness. + + +
Personal IP addressPersonal IP adress instead of a shared IP address. Required for commercial use of SSL certificates. In order to get an address, you must request one first. - - Added
TrafficMonthly traffic included. 1TB 2TB 3TB
Daily backupsDaily backup allows clients to restore the entire website or separate files and databases if necessary. 30 days 30 days 30 days
cPanel selfserviceThe world's most popular cPanel interface is powerfull and user-friendly. + + +
Support for different PHP versionsThe option to choose a separate PHP version for each domain. Versions 7.3/7.4/8 are available + + +
Graphic file managerFull-featured, graphical file manager that allows you to perform all file operations (including copying and unpacking various archives.) + + +
FTP and SFTP accessThe servers can be accessed through FTP and secure SFTP protocol. + + +
Statistics modulesVarious statistics modules allow you to monitor website's visitability and server resources usage. + + +
CrontabCron allows to run automatic processes in the background at regular intervals. + + +
.htaccessThe option to use the .htaccess file to change the various settings of the Apache web server. For example, you can protect directories with a password or create redirects. + + +
PHP error_logAccess PHP error messages in the error_log file in the same directory as the script + + +
Custom error pagesCreate custom error pages. + + +
Web diskWeb disk (WebDAV) allows "drag-and-drop" access to home page files as if they were located on one Windows disk. + + +
Ruby, Python, Node.jRuby, Python, Node support. + + +
E-mail Entry Business Premium
Limit of letters, sending per hourLimits how many letters per hour can be sent out from the hosting service. 50 1000 2000
Mailing listsLimit for creating different mailing lists. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Spam filterSpam filter prevents unwanted spam + + +
AntivirusAntivirus checks that files in attachments do not contain most common viruses. + + +
POP3 supportThe ability to setup your mail client to check email on the server via POP3 protocol on your computer/device. + + +
IMAP supportThe ability to setup your mail client to check email on the server via IMAP protocol on your computer/device. + + +
Email forwardingIncoming email forwarding to other address. + + +
Email autoresponderThe ability to send an automatic reply to all messages. It is often used, for example, to send holiday notices. + + +
GreylistingDefends e-mail users against spam. A mail transfer agent using greylisting will "temporarily reject" any email from a sender it does not recognize. If the mail is legitimate, the originating server will try again after a delay, and if sufficient time has elapsed, the email will be accepted. + + +
Others Entry Business Premium
Automatically install applicationsSoftaculous software allows hundreds of applications to be installed with one touch of a button - like most common content management systems, forums, galleries, etc. + + +
Site publisherSite publisher allows to create a simple / fast / temporary webpage from various templates. + + +
SitePadSitePad allows you to effortlessly build a full-featured website. More information about SitePad can be found on the software developer's website.https://sitepad.com/ + + +
Name server serviceThe free name server service allows you to change the names of the domain names server. Service must be ordered separately. + + +